Bogotá, one of the big cities in the world with a lot of green, it has about 5.200 parks and 13 wetlands around the metropolitan area.  Visit our website:

One of the world's greenest capitals, Bogotá, Colombia has about 5200 thirteen parks and 13 wetlands throughout the metropolitan area.

Medellin #colombia

Medellin,Colombia , just named In March 2013 the most innovative city of the world, very proud of my homeland's achievements

La Guajira - Colombia

Surround yourself with the beauties of Sierra Nevada and let mother nature inspire you.

Raudal del Jirijirimo - Amazonas Colombia

Raudal del Jirijirimo - Amazonas Colombia

Bellisima, Earth, Scenery, Travel

Parque Nacional del Chicamocha in Santander, Colombia-region of the country that my family is from

The National Park Chicamocha in Santander is one of the few Colombian national parks that is dedicated to ecotourism. It offers a spectacular landscape and countless outdoor activities.

Parque Natural Los Nevados, Andes. Colombia

Yes, there is also snow in Colombia! This is the National Park Los Nevados in the Andes of Colombia. Beautiful and worth a visit, especially for those who love to hike up the snowy peaks.

Barichara - Santander, Colombia

Colonial streets at Barichara - Santander, Colombia