As Americans move towards meat alternatives, demand for protein-rich Spirulina will increase, but quality standards need to weed out the not-so-clean sources, say leading producers.


If you suspect your thyroid’s not functioning properly, check with your health care provider. Support your thyroid—and overall health—with these seven foods.


One of the most nutritious foods on earth, the benefits of Spirulina are tremendous. If you had to stop taking a multivitamin, spirulina could replace it.

organic grass fed ghee

Grass Fed Organic Ghee Clarified Butter From Grassfed Cows Paleo Ayurvedic GlutenFree NONGMO Made in USA Glass Jar > Requires your immediate attention, additional info here: at Cooking Ingredients.


Quinoa is a very healthy grain. In this article, I explain 27 SCIENCE-BACKED health benefits of quinoa.

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