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A Happy Life
several different types of speakers and tables with plants in the middle one is silver, the other is green
Kooduu Nordic Light Pro
The Nordic Light Pro lamp is an oil lamp with a built-in, high-quality Bluetooth speaker. You can connect several speakers to wirelessly play the same music. Inspired by the beauty and simplicity of Scandinavian design, this lamp captures “hygge”, the Danish word meaning to embrace an enjoyable life. Eskild Hansen Industrial Design for Kooduu. Learn more, visit www.eskildhansen.com
three white lamps sitting on top of a window sill
ronan + erwan bouroullec: lampalumina
three different types of lights that are on the table and in front of each other
an orange and white lamp sitting on top of a table next to a charger
Duo Table Lamp
an electronic device with a blue light on it's side and a black background
Octopus Lamps by Inveno Design Studio
diy los pasos a segura - parte 2 / 3 with color swatches
there are many kites hanging from the ceiling in this room with no people around
3M LifeLab SXSW | SOFTlab | Archinect
3M LifeLab SXSW | SOFTlab | Archinect La estructura modular del pabellón M3 LifeLab SXSW fue diseñada para convertir su interior en un pisma caleidoscópico usando láminas dicroicas 3M que cambian según el paso del sol a lo largo del día
a group of white cups and saucers sitting next to each other
Art Déco coffee set executed by Victoria - ZEITLOS
Art Déco coffee set... I would love to have this tea set...gorgeous!
a black and white poster with the word deco on it
17+ Inspiring Examples of Art Deco Posters - PSD, Vector EPS
Estilo - art decó
a tall building with many windows next to a cloudy sky
Panoramio is no longer available
Institut Mathildenhöhe Hochzeitsturm, en Darmstadt, Alemania
a room with mirrors on the wall and chairs in it's back drop off area
Space Copenhagen designs dreamy Danish restaurant interior
detalles de espejo en bar interior
an image of a long wooden floor in a restaurant
Midcentury Timeless Touches Dramatically Frame the Modern Bar in Munich | Yatzer
Herzog Bar & Restaurant in Munich with brass veins in the flooring. Photo © BUILD Inc.