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Miracle prayer
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Miracle prayer

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Being Second Choice | Life with an Alcoholic

At some point in a relationship with an alcoholic, you realize you are the second choice...and always will be.

Daughter Dad Vintage Journal 💖

How to do a Prayer Walk through Your Home - Faithfully Committed

Saturate your home with prayer through regular prayer walks! How to do a prayer walk by praying Scripture over your home and family!

10 Things To Do Instead of Just Saying the Words "I'll Pray For You" - Faithfully Committed

It's time to stop just saying "I'll pray for you" and start taking action! Being Jesus' hands and feet means doing more. 10 things to do after praying!

When You Feel Like God Isn't There for You…

It broke my heart the night God revealed to me that I stopped trusting Him because of the tragedy of the events going on around me. I'd been serving Him loyally

Great Inspirational Quotes No.1 - Koees Answer

God knows who belongs in your life and who doesn't. Trust and let go. Whoever is meant to be there, will still be there.

How to Cope with Your Children Growing Up

Are you having a hard time with your children growing up? Here's a few tips on how you can not just cope, but be confident and equipped for the next season.

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A Prayer for When You Feel Like Giving Up

Hey there, Friends! It's Friday once again and I'm hoping you'll check in to let us know how the Bible Reading is coming along. I know some of you are reading and haven't had a few minutes to check in on Fridays- that's ok! But if you have a minute and can leave a little encouragement for someone else, then fabulous! Just in case any of you feel like giving up on this challenge, I've written a prayer to carry you through. And if God should stumble someone upon this prayer for any other…

Prayer: Strength For My Husband

Prayer Of The Day - Strength For My Husband

How To Ease Stress

How to ease stress stress reduction at work,time management for stress reduction what life skill is closely related to stress management,how to remove stress from your body mindfulness based stress reduction exercises.

A marriage prayer to trust God with your future.:

A marriage prayer to trust God with your future.: by geraldine on

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