Puntadas Para hacer orillos de manteles

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two pictures of flowers being made on someone's fingers with scissors and thread in their hands
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some spools of thread are sitting next to pink fabric with flowers on them
two pictures showing how to sew with scissors and thread
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two pieces of blue cloth with colorful flowers on them and fringe trimming around the edges
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a close up of a white cloth with flowers on it and an applique
a pink dress with green trim and flowers on it
there is a hand that has some small flowers on the side of it, and an image of someone holding something in their left hand
the green and white fabric is being sewned with lace on it's edges
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an image of some embroidered fabric on a cell phone screen with the caption instagram oya elemegi
a close up of a white cloth with flowers on it
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embroidered fabric with flowers and chains on the front, in various shades of grey color
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someone is stitching the edge of a piece of fabric with crocheted thread
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an image of someones hand with some thread on it
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