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the cross stitch pattern is shown in black and white, with different designs on it
Saules zīme
SAULES ZĪME ♦ THE SUN SIGN ♦ ZEICHEN DER SONNE ♦ ЗНАК СОЛНЦА Mūžīgās kustības, dzīvības spēku, gaismas un harmonijas simbols. Nes Dieva svētību un sargā dzimtu. The symbol of light,…
two pieces of paper are hanging on the wall
Folding Curve: Teardrop | 2012 - Vicente Gascó
Back and forth experimentation with hands-on paper folding along with digital simulations in Grasshopper resulted in the fabrication of a 1:1 scale steel architectural element during a Robotic Folding workshop with Robofold's founder Gregory...
a hand is holding an object that looks like it has wavy lines on the surface
pleated ruffles
pleated ruffles by polyscene, via Flickr
white tissue with gold dots on it hanging from the ceiling in front of a wall
Rideau magnétique | COLLECTIF TEXTILE
Conçu par Kathy Ludwig et Florian Kraütli, ce rideau est pourvu de petits aimants permettant de le plier sur lui même. L’esthétique rejoint la fonction et offre une séparation de l’espa…
three paintings are hanging on the wall next to each other
Sarah krieger's Blog
Sarah krieger's Blog - Grasshopper - Cutting Patterns for Expandable Structures
an abstract sculpture made up of white cubes
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an abstract piece of art is shown in the middle of a white square with silver triangles
Aldo-Tolino---Onion-web | Flickr - Photo Sharing!