Beef, Bacon and Plantain Casserole

Blending very ripe plantains with coconut cream gives a whipped texture to this plantain pudding which is almost effortlessly delicious.

Cinnamon Plantain Pudding

Cinnamon Plantain Pudding via Meatified. Paleo pudding you can eat instantaneously or freeze for an ice cream consistency!

Chiquita Plantain and Black Bean Pies

Plantain And Black Bean Pies with cotija cheese. These tasty individual pies are an easy-to-make vegetarian treat! (Cheese Making Nutritional Yeast)

Torta de Maduro (Ripe Plantain and Cheese Cake)-My Colombian Recipes

Torta de Maduro (Ripe Plantain and Cheese Cake)

Coconut Plantain Nuggets | fastPaleo Primal and Paleo Diet Recipes

Gluten Free Coconut Plantain Nuggets - These naturally sweet nuggets are perfect for dessert or snack