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an open notebook with writing on it and a notepad attached to the book's cover
cáit mceniff
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a quote that says nothing is more beautiful than a real smile that has struggle through tears
Curiano Life Quotes - Curiano Quotes - Page 2517
Inspirational Quotes // Nothing is more beautiful than a real smile that has struggled through tears.
a close up view of a dandelion with white feathers in the foreground
*Wishes (by Наталья Ова)
blurry image of street lights and trees in the background with pink hues on them
Pink sparkle. City lights.
a white bird with long feathers on it's back
The Magnified Beauty of Fauna by Katerina Kaloudi | Yatzer
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the water is very clear and pink with some light reflecting off it's surface
We see that each surface is really a pair of surfaces, so that, where they appear to merge, there are really four surfaces •• Continuing this process for another circuit, we see that there are really eight surfaces etc and we finally conclude that there is an infinite complex of surfaces, each extremely close to one or the other of two merging surfaces ~ Edward Norton Lorenz
a starfish on the beach with pink clouds in the background
"Blessings of water be upon me. May I be carried by the flow of the great river of life. May I discover a hidden spring within, gushing forth, May I be carried to the shores of the sacred and renewed." ~ Praying with the Elements by Christine Valters Paintner
a man riding skis down the side of a snow covered slope in front of a mountain
haaston field notes
Spirit of a Haasler
the words eyes talk are written in black on a white background
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the words sunsets and palm trees are written in cursive ink on white paper
Mermaid Perfume
Sounds good to me!
Every day .... just smile ... Wisdom, Wise Words, Just Smile, Quotes To Live By, Words Of Wisdom, Queen Quotes
Every day .... just smile ...