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an outdoor jacuzzi tub in the middle of a room with city lights behind it
Esta suite en Shanghai no tiene mala pinta
a person is swimming in an ice cave
Cavo Tagoo Mykonos
a woman sitting on the beach under a palm tree
Maldives - with everything outsourced and manage using OutVeo a 4 hour work week would look just like this!
a series of photos showing different types of buildings in the ocean and on top of each other
Six Senses Resort in the Maldives Has Bungalows Directly Over Crystal Clear Waters beautiful travel vacation resort architecture interior destination destinations travel destinations travelling
three pictures of people standing in front of an iceberg with snow on the ground
Frozen wave in Antarctica
Frozen wave in Antarctica. This is one of the coolest things I've ever seen. Is it even possible to freeze something at that speed?
there are two pictures of the inside of a bubble house in the snow, and one shows what it looks like
Just a nice little place to watch the snow come down.
Just a nice little place to watch the snow come down.
an igloose is lit up in the snow at night and on the ground
hotel de sueño
the sun is shining through the clouds over some trees and houses on a hill with mountains in the distance
Taken below Larnachs Castle in Dunedin, New Zealand
a large white tree sitting next to a lake in the middle of snow covered ground
la mejor vista para ti ha vuelto
there is a waterfall and some pink flowers in the water
Lotus Blossom Waterfall, Bali