Krause + Sawyer and Nemaworkshop Complete W Living Rooms

Laser cut custom wall partitions for semi-private areas. (Krause + Sawyer and Nemaworkshop Complete W Living Rooms)

Divisiones diferentes para estas oficinas sin perder perspectiva visual ni…

How to make a design impact using simple pieces of wood // For this office space Studio Razavi architecture used basic pine lumber installed vertically to create a distinct look for an insurance company headquarters. Interior Design Home

Paleta de colores

Meditation and work out room Color Gilt: Mauve Pink, Rose Pink, Rich Wine Red, Gold and Faded Yellow

Este verano las uñas se llevan en colores naranjas, corales, amarillos, celestes y turquesas. Se usan redondas o más en punta y afiladas, al mejor estilo de los años 60.

These cute easy nail art ideas can fit lazy girls and beginners.It’s easy for everyone to paint lines, polka dots and chevron for nail arts .Get inspired and enjoy.

Salle agence Comside, PROJET VINCENNES, Agence Transition Interior Design (de Transition Interior Design )

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Compulsive Productions by Matt Gibson