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a poster with words and pictures on it that describe the different types of bees in their natural
Bee Friendly Club on X
the bee colony poster is shown in three different colors
a bee with the words queen bee on it's back and an image of its wings
a bee sitting on top of a honeycomb with the caption fact about bees
the bees and honey fact is shown in this graphic above it's caption
a close up of a toy bee flying in the air with it's eyes open
Bee, Rafael Medrado
a close up of a bee on a white background with an information card below it
How To Kill Bees, Bee Hives
there is a stone sculpture with buttons on it in front of a fence and flowers
20+ Bee Friendly Ideas for the Garden » Homemade Heather
a bee with a santa hat on it's head is shown in watercolor
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the different types of bees and how they are used to tell them about their life cycle
Crosspost from r/fuckwasps thought this sub might appreciate the humor in it