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Hyacinth bean vine

Hyacinth bean vine

I decided to grow the absolutely beautiful hyacinth bean vine this sping. It's been such a wet summer and such a tepid (and wet) Autumn so far that the bean pods are not dying off and drying out like I had expected. I seriously have THOUSANDS of pods to harvest. While I have been able to pick a handful of pods here and there that have dried out on the vine, it's now November... can I pick the pods while still full of moisture and lay them out to dry? As long as I flip them etc to ke…

Hyacinth Bean Plant Information - Gardening Know How's Blog

Hyacinth Bean Plant Information

“Arbor beans, white, scarlet, crimson, purple, at the trees level on both sides of the terraces and on the long walk of the garden,” Thomas . . .

Tips for Growing Purple Hyacinth Bean Vines: How to Grow Purple Hyacinth Beans annual vine

Tips for Growing Purple Hyacinth Bean Vines

Purple hyacinth bean vines (Lablab purpureus) are quick growers featuring purple flowers and stems, and glossy purple seed pods in late summer and fall.

A Vine-Covered Tepee | Create your own secret hideaway

A vine-covered tepee

Create your own secret hideaway

Facts about Hyacinth Bean Vine

Facts about Hyacinth Bean Vine

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How to Grow and Care for Hyacinth Bean Vine, The Gardener's Network

How to Grow and Care for Hyacinth Bean Vine. For a better flower garden, follow The Gardener's Network.

How to grow and care for Hyacinth Bean Vine flowers, Hyacinth Bean Vine seeds

Does Hyacinth Bean Need Pruning - How To Prune A Hyacinth Bean Vine

Purple Hyacinth Bean Care – How To Grow A Hyacinth Bean Vine

A vigorous ornamental annual vine, purple hyacinth bean plant, displays beautiful pinkishpurple blossoms and interesting reddishpurple pods that grow to be about the same size as lima bean pods. Read more here.