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an old building with two doors and graffiti on it
Door in Recife, Brazil
an open door with a painted heart on it's side in front of a yellow wall
HeartDoor by IIdop on DeviantArt
bit(dot)ly/astro-app Free Natal Chart Interpretation for all visitors of madam Kighal's Pinterest!
an abstract painting with yellow, gray and white circles on it's side hanging on a wall
Could do in any color to match a room, love this!
a computer screen with an image of a musical instrument and hot air balloons in the sky
Creativity Is A Choice: How You Can Paint Your Own 'Mona Lisa'
Selon moi cette oeuvre est fait au crayons de bois. Les couleurs sont chaudes, car les teintes se situent dans le mauve et un peu dans le rouge. En observant cette oeuvre, je déduis que l'artiste à voulu représenter ou nous faire comprendre que la musique peut nous emporter dans un monde imaginaire que nous pouvons nous même créer. J'aime cette oeuvre car je trouve qu'elle me représente car lorsque j'écoute de la musique, celle-ci m'emporte avec elle. More
an abstract painting with white and brown swirls
James Nares. British born artist working in New York City. Nares is mostly known for his contemporary art though he is also accomplished in filmography and photography. In most of his paintings he employs a single gestural brushstroke. Without seeing one of his paintings it might be hard for one to imagine what that might look like. Think ...
a white chair sitting in front of a large painting
DIY Large-Scale Art - Designer-Inspired! | Life On Virginia Street
DIY Designer Inspired Art and Frame - Learn about layering textures for abstract dining room art piece?
a living room filled with furniture and a fire place under a painting on the wall
Our Favorite Rooms of the Year | Bright Bold and Beautiful
What an awesome year it was for home tours on Bright Bold and Beautiful. Here are our favorite rooms of the year to inspire you, and to maybe drool over.
a black and white photo of an artistic display
The Operating System
is like a Miro or Kandensky
an abstract painting with different colors and shapes
an abstract painting with many different colors and shapes on it's surface, including circles
Kandinky Circles Wax Resist
a faithful attempt: Kandinky Circles Wax Resist
an aerial view of the beach and ocean
a piano made out of bricks sitting on the side of a building next to a door
the starry night is shown in this painting
an abstract painting with many colors and shapes
an oil painting of a city street at night
a painting of a woman's face with multicolored lines on it and eyes