Not sure what part of Bogotá this is

I want to see where the love of my life grew up- Bogota, Colombia.

Bogota, Colombia *Candelaria, the Old Town in Bogota. Fantastic architecture and wonderful people.

"La Candelaria" colonial district, Bogotá.

Bogotá, the capital of Colombia - where I was born in 1979

Bogota - Colombia

Bogota Colors by John Rizzuto - Bogota Colors Photograph - Bogota Colors Fine Art Prints and Posters for Sale


In summer I had the opportunity to travel to Bogota, the capital of Colombia! Definitely an amazing place!

Bogota photo gallery

Bogotá City Sightseeing Tour with Optional Lunch and Cable Car Ride

Torre Bogotá, un proyecto en el Centro Internacional increíble.

interview with architect francisco gonzalez-pulido of JAHN