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Nightclimber: Shapeshifting
Nightclimber: Shadowcasters
Nightclimber: Grappling Hook: Superheated Nanocutting Wire


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Justice Buster Armor: Aquaman Contingency: Magnesium Carbonate Foam 2
Batman: Justice Buster Armor
Justice Buster Armor: Superhuman Strength

Justice Buster Armor

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batman and catwoman standing next to each other
the cover to batman and catwoman
the batman and catwoman are fighting in front of a cityscape
an image of a dragon attacking a knight on top of a mountain in the snow
batman and catwoman in the dark knight art print by alex kutcher, from dc comics
the batman and catwoman are fighting in this comic book cover art by steve vandervel
batman and catwoman flying through the air
batman and catwoman fighting in front of an evil man with two other men behind them
a man in a batman costume is standing next to a batmobile and bats flying above him
a batman flying through the air with his cape open and city lights in the background