Dayana alvarado

Dayana alvarado

bogota colombia / totally wonderful
Dayana alvarado
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jajajajajajajjajajaajajjajajajajaajajajjajajaja......que original es kookie jajajajajajajaa no puedo parar de reír jajajajaa

Read Autoservicio from the story ❛ BTS Memes ❜ by NewRxles_ (‘ dollar dollar ’) with reads.

#wattpad #de-todo aqui les tengo unos cuantos memes de BTS ❤❤

Bts = yuri on ice (i think that's the name oops sorry if it isn't i haven't watched that anime yet 😓😓)

common (420×420)

Omg I think I got the edges wrong well/that's how me nooby :) draw Lmfaoo

IA -Aria on The Planetes-

2017 black bra black legwear bra character name choker collarbone copyright name cube dated hand up head out of frame highres holding ia (vocaloid) jewelry long hair night night sky off shoulder parted lips pink skirt pleated skirt ring sin