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a blue wreath with sunflowers hanging from it
Turn old jeans into pretty front door decor
someone is working on some fabric with scissors and thread in their hands while another person holds the string
Turn old jeans into pretty front door decor
a hand holding purple lilacs with the words grow lilacs how to dig and transplant runners
How to Grow Lilacs from Suckers
two pictures, one of a purple lilac flower, and one of a lilac cutting Lilac Gardening, Hydrangea Care, Lilac Bushes, Lilac Plant
The steel wire grass cutter trimmer head never breaks, and works on any surface, and trims your grass 10X better! Tired of your trimmer being too weak to cut tough weeds? Replace your trimmer head with the break proof steel trimmer blade that slices through grass, branches, and weeds super FAST! Trimmer blades are constructed from high-grade steel alloy for ultra hardness, sharpness and extra durability. MORE INFO CHECK OUR WEBSITE AND ALSO GET A 50% OFF FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY.
the cover of marvelous moss gardens tips and ideas
Marvelous Moss Gardens : How to Grow Moss Outdoors
Marvelous Moss Gardens! • Informative blog post all about growing moss with tips & growing instructions!
an old white wooden gate with two doors open in the middle of a garden area
11 Gorgeous Garden Arbors Made From Old Doors
It’s always fun doing projects that give new life to something old, and these are no exception. Old doors can be made into beautiful pergolas or arbors for garden entryways. I kept seeing one of these floating around on Pinterest and wanted to find more for inspiration, so here are 11 gorgeous repurposed door garden arbors. …
lavender flowers growing in pots with the words how to grow lavender from seed on them
How To Grow Lavender From Seed
several different types of lavender plants in pots and on the windowsill with text overlay that says how to grow lavender indoors
The Ultimate Care Guide for Growing Lavender Indoors
a close up of a plant on a table with text overlay that reads how to get a continuous supply of cilantro
Growing Cilantro: The Cut & Come Again Method | PreparednessMama
Growing Cilantro - The Cut and Come Again Method. Growing cilantro from seed is the only way to frugally get the organic supply you want.
how to grow basil from a single plant in a garden or yard with text overlay that reads, how to grow basil from a single plant
How To Grow Basil
coffee mugs with spoons hanging from them and some other items in the cup holder
Suet Feeder in a Coffee Mug
Create a simple, effective suet bird feeder for your yard this winter by repurposing a thrift store coffee mug. Simply melt the suet (beef fat and seed mixture), pour into the mug, and add a stick for a perch. Hang from a tree and watch the birds enjoy it all winter long...this is a great DIY project to have the kids help with then they're bored! Fun, easy, wonderful thrift store upcycle and repurpose craft project from #SadieSeasongoods /
a potted plant with googly eyes and flowers
Minion planter
the logo for kasherpper gardens, which is located in front of a green background
Brighton, MI Garden CenterGrasshopper Gardens