Encofrado con una botella

Using a plastic bottle to form the column base raises the Guadua out of the splash water zone. A disadvantage may be the very low concrete cover and thus the danger of corrosion of the steel bar.

Bamboo houses

Designed by Ibuku, Bali's Green Village is a community of gorgeous homes built entirely from bamboo. Read more: Ibuku Constructs Three New Bamboo Homes in Bali's Gorgeous Green Village

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Vaulted Dome Roof Project

shigeru ban is currently holding his largest ever retrospective exhibition, curated by sayako kadowaki.

shigeru ban: architecture and humanitarian activities

Earthquake Rebuilding with Recycled Tire Logs : TreeHugger

Earthquake rebuilding with recycled tire logs

Don't grind old tires; slice 'em and roll 'em up into rubber logs to use like lumber. From footwear to handbags and earthship homes, recycled tires have found various forms of