I love a cleanly done polka dot nail design and this one is quite a unique one! Love the polka dots done on the French top!

Diseño de uñas

Love this polka-dot look! Not sure how to get the dots so perfectly shaped though.

diseño de uñas naturales pintadas.

As far as nail art is concerned, the trends change rapidly. Here are top 40 nail polish ideas for

Converse, ojalá yo pudiese hacer diseños de uñas tan chulos!!!

These nails were all done up like Chuck Taylor All Star Converse sneakers!

So gonna try this

Standard white tip French manicure with black white silver glitter stripes freehand nail art i would also put pink some where in there


Plastic Wrap Marble Nail Very cute technique. You need to dab the plastic wrap super-fast or it'll take too much polish off. A clear top coat is a must.


DIY, nails, nail polish, design, cosmetics different color pattern but cool