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Best Stain Removal Tricks For Your Clothes, Furniture, and Floors

Stains like grease, paint, and ink can be tough to remove from clothing and furniture. Learn how to get them out for good, as well as pet stains!

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Dog News and Advice Archives - doggiefetch

Find out about anything from dog care, to breed information to product recommendations! Your dog will love you for it...

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How to Train Your Dog to Greet Visitors in 5 Easy Steps

Want Fido to stop trampling everyone who walks through your door? Check out our guide for how to train your dog to greet visitors nicely!

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How to Teach Any Dog Not to Bark at Other Dogs and People on a Walk - Dog Training Advice Tips

One of the most annoying thing your dog can do is bark or react to anything that moves. Find out how to teach your dog not to bark at other things on a walk

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How to Train Your Dog to Greet Visitors in 5 Easy Steps

Want Fido to stop trampling everyone who walks through your door? Check out our guide for how to train your dog to greet visitors nicely!

Emergency Pet Keyring Tag

Description Shipping Info Impact 50% of each key tag sold will go to D.E.L.T.A No-Kill shelter to help provide medical care, food, and shelter for abandoned animals. Current Offer - Buy 4 Key Tags, Get 1 Key Tag FREE! Our emergency pet keyring tag is the perfect addition to our pet care wallet cards and will help emergency responders find your pet care card in your wallet so they can let your emergency contact know your pets will need care while you are unable to do so. These bright red…

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4 Strategies to Try When Your Dog Refuses to Listen - Dog Training Advice Tips

A dog refusing to listen to its owner is usually a sign of not properly training the dog. We have some practical tips that will turn its behavior around !

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How To Correct A Dog That Doesn't Come When Called

We’ve all been there; you’re the crazy person in the neighborhood with the dog that refuses to come when called. Whether it was a training session gone awry or an accident that let them slip out the door, you’re now left with a dog to catch and a neighborly reputation to redeem. You know your four-legged fugitive hears you calling their name while they trespass into the neighbor’s garage and sniff-walk their way down the street, but they’re ignoring you. ... Read more

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7 Ways to Train Calmness in your Dog - Dog Training Advice Tips

Hyper dogs can be aggressive & tend to unintentionally hurt people even if all they wanted was to play. Here are 7 ways that can help you calm your dog down.

Dock Hacks and Tips

Why didn't I think of that? Tips and Hacks for your dog. Man's best friend will appreciation these ideas from snacks to beds to leashes and more.

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30 Dog Charts Every Dog Lover Should Have

Here are 30 of the best charts we have gathered for dog owners. Great information from dog training, to dog care. Everything you ever wanted to know about your dog can be found in this collection of charts.

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5 Bad Dog Habits (And How to Break Them!) - Dog Training Advice Tips

Dogs can pick up some bad habits as they grow. It’s easier to break a dog’s unwanted behavior than change our own. Here are the 5 most common bad dog habits.

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How to Stop Your Puppy from Peeing and Pooping in the House.

House Training is #1 on my list when bringing home a new puppy. After 10 years raising service dog pups I have a fool proof way for potty training a puppy.

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4 Things to Do to Keep your Dog Calm around Visitors - Dog Training Advice Tips

It is difficult to restrain a dog full of energy and vigor. Thankfully, there are things that you can do to keep your dog calm around visitors at your home.

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How to Deal With an Overly-Excited Dog - Dog Training Advice Tips

For the most part, excited dogs are happy dogs. But it can be a concern for some dog owners, so find out How to Deal With an Overly Excited Dog here!

How To Calm An Over Excited Puppy - The Labrador Site

Nipping at fingers, biting at clothes and crazy behavior are all signs of an over excited puppy. We show you how to calm your Labrador puppy down