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Candy Medals..going to have to try these this summer

Family Game Night {and some free printables}

Last week we had a Family Game Night as our weekly family night together. Game night is always a favorite…and it’s pretty easy to do because it doesn’t really require much prep t…

This is such a great Family Home Evening lesson and activity on RESPECT!

Family Night ~ Teach Them Some Respect!

Need a great Family Night idea? This lesson on respect will have your family in line in no time! You'll learn and laugh together with a cute craft and role play suggestions.

How to Pray by President Uchtdorf Mutual night AFTER following Sun.How to make my prayers for meaningful. Have a picture of each YW ( 8x10) -take ahead of time. Have these principles from lesson typed up on cute paper. Let YW cut out & stick around picture to put up in their room. You can use the glue dots, stick glue, whatever. But they customize it to their wants. You can have many different aspects of your lesson typed up on small papers. Let girls pick the ones that speaks to them.

Primary 2 Lesson 10

Primary 2 Manual Lesson 10 I Can Speak With Heavenly Father in Prayer Journal Page - Print it here: Hand out from the lesson here: Praying coloring page from September 2012 Friend here: How to Pray from the August 2013 Friend here: Prayer coloring page from the September 2012 Friend here: A prayer chart to keep track of morning and evening prayer. This also comes from The Friend, September 2008 here. The print out from The Friend is 2 different pages. I combined them on one page. You color…

How to Use The Speedy Stitcher Sewing Awl from Dritz Home- Ever wondered how to attach a predrilled handle to a handbag, repair a shoe, mend a sail, make a belt, fix a tent… this is it. | Sew4Home

How to Use The Dritz Speedy Stitcher Sewing Awl - Sew4Home

We love this unique hand stitching tool. Our step-by-step tutorial shows how it can quickly attach one item to another as well as create an interesting line of stitching as a decorative accent. Great for bag handles!

FHE: Helping Out Around the House - Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs

FHE: Helping Out Around the House

Opening Song: Family Night Opening Prayer Scripture: Doctrine and Covenants 88:119 Lesson: Questions: Is our house dirty or clean? Are you happy when our house gets dirty? Is the church building dirty or clean? Are temples dirty or clean? Temples are also called the House of the Lord. Do you think Heavenly Father is happy when our house is dirty? Would it be easy to clean the entire house all by yourself every day? House puzzle: Print & cut out the house puzzle. Distribute puzzle pieces…

FREE PRES. MONSON FISHING GAME via A Year of FHE Family Home Evening blog. This could be fun for singing time

Year 02/Lesson 39: President Thomas S. Monson, LDS Prophet

What You'll Need: scriptures, First Presidency Photo, Life Pictures of Thomas S. Monson, printed coloring page, President Monson Fishing...

Great idea for a FHE lesson or baptism talk on the Holy Ghost

Holy Ghost talk or Family Home Evening Lesson

For our Family Home Evenings lately we've been going through the gospel essentials book to help our daughter be ready for baptism. This past Sunday, the lesson was on the gift of the Holy Ghost, and I pulled out a talk I had given at my nephew's baptism last April. I had a box full of items to help remind us of things pertaining to the Holy Ghost and had the boys being baptized come up and pull something out of the box. Then we would talk about what it represented and I had a scripture or…

A Year of FHE // A Family Home Evening all about the life of LDS Prophet President Russell M. Nelson. This lesson plan includes scripture, song, lesson and activities. There is a poster of Russell M. Nelson's life in photos, a puzzle for young children and a great scripture fill-in activity for older kids and teens. Your FHE is read, just CLICK, PRINT, and TEACH! #lds #prophet #nelson

LDS Family Home Evening // Our Latter-day Prophet, Russell M. Nelson

What You'll Need: scriptures, printed life pictures poster, puzzle activity page, quote fill-in page, pen or pencil. Scripture...

A Year of FHE // FREE family home evening lesson about Prayer. Includes Scripture, song, lesson and activity! #fhe #lds #prayer…

Family Home Evening: Prayer

What You'll Need: scriptures, Four Parts of Prayer chart, Gospel Art Kit picture #117 - Daniel in the Lions’ Den, printed activities a...

Family Home Evening Lesson #1 on Family History fun for the family. Download these free worksheets to add to your family history binder.

Family History: Family Home Evening Lesson 1 - Brightly Street

Here is the link to find the 6 different lessons that the church has for you to use. During the first lesson, I opened the "FamilySearch – Tree" app and I introduced them to their grandparents. Luckily, I had already posted some pictures of my ancestors awhile ago. If you don't have any images of …

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A Year of FHE // Family Home Evening about the Holy Ghost, the three jobs he does and how we can listen and hear his promptings. Includes a song, scripture, lesson, a great coloring page, and a fantastic learning activity/object lesson! #lds #holyghost #familyhomevening

Year 02/Lesson 43: The Holy Ghost

What You'll Need: scriptures, Holy Ghost Poster , GAK 234: Jesus Shows His Wounds , a familiar object and a bag to put it in, Holy Gh...

A Year of FHE // A Family Home Evening about how and why we pay tithing & the many blessings we get when we pay tithing. #lds #familyhomeevening #tithing

Year 01/Lesson 45: Paying Tithing

What You'll Need: scriptures, two small bowls (one labeled "TITHING" and the other labeled "TO SPEND", ten dimes, tithing slip and env...

Joey Review: this is a great principle presented in a way you can teach little children. i like it.

Year 03/Lesson 08: Woman at the Well

What You'll Need: scriptures, GAB 36/GAK 217: Christ and the Samaritan Woman, a glass of water, GAB 64/GAK 240: Jesus the Christ, colori...

A Year of FHE // a Family Home Evening all about Gaining and Sharing a Testimony! Includes a scripture, song, lesson and activites for young kids, older kids, and teens! #LDS #Testimony

Year 02 / Lesson 33: Gaining and Bearing Your Testimony

What You'll Need: scriptures, GAK 240: Jesus the Christ , GAK 401: The Prophet Joseph Smith , GAB 137: Thomas S. Monson , scissors, s...

Object Lesson on the Holy Ghost using lifesavers. This is a fun LDS site that has FHE lessons, Sunday ideas... etc.

Song: The Holy Ghost

The Holy Ghost – Lifesaver Candy Activity To teach the second verse of The Holy Ghost, I used Bridgette’s flip charts to initially introduce the verse. I did change the picture on th…