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So bite me! 😁 Enjoy the future. You're a better man than I would have believed - or you've got something up the sleeve ... to voluntarily take on the task of caring for a person with a history of being involuntarily baker acted - that doesn't just come out of the blue one day honey but hey, you're the man with a plan apparently. Word to the wise, and only because you can do better, you don't have to settle. No, I don't wantcha ~ but she's poison. What happened to YOU? I still care 😐

Makes me feel sorry for those who "need" to be in a relationship when in reality they just aren't emotionally strong enough to be alone. Real Life Quotes, Mood Quotes, True Quotes, Relationship Quotes, Quotes To Live By, Relationships, Real Shit Quotes, Qoutes, Petty Quotes

I rather be single & know what I want, then to be in a relationship and not get what I deserve.