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an architectural drawing of a house showing the living room, dining area and kitchen areas
Co Living — Bureau Baba / Atelier van Faassen
Co Living — Bureau Baba
a brochure with an image of a person on the front and back cover
AudioTreats - Red Bull Music Academy 2014
an open notebook with papers on top of it and yellow paper around the pages that have been placed together
Design und Dilettantismus
Design und Dilettantismus
four different images of green and black paper
two hands holding up a book with the word berlin written on it and an orange piece of paper in front of them
Fragments d'un voyage
two book covers with red and white lines on them
an open book with the title art center 2011 - 2012 written on it
Book Layouts, Books, Book Design, and Book Covers image inspiration on Designspiration
ACCD Admissions Catalog Right Brain Left Brain
an open box containing two tubes of toothpaste
an open book with different colored papers in it
Rijn, Rhine, Rhein.
an open book with papers and scissors on it
da大 n-site [1]
da大 n-site [1] on Behance
an open notebook with a green sticker on the cover and some papers attached to it
the design diary book is sitting on top of a white table with an orange dotted cover
Design Diary