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TRIVIA: Salma Hayek Rose McGowan Angelina Jolie Rachel Weisz Michelle Williams Helena Bonham Carter Scarlett Johansson Anne Hathaway and Jennifer Lawrence were all considered to play the role of Ava before Eva Green was cast.

The Art of Embroidery Jose Romussi, experimental artist

wetheurban: “ Embroidered Collages, Jose Romussi Chilean artist Jose Romussi creates works that are simple in concept, yet beautifully intricate and unique in form.

La ciencia de proponer una marca en donde se involucran las tonalidades intensas con figuras geométricas, este grupo colombiano crea imágenes con tendencias pop, una estética ligada al arte y a la …

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. Polish Poster

062 The contribution of Polish poster art has been substantive. Note the graphic simplicity and simple direct iconic imagery.

Carteles Taurinos. Mitos. Manolete

Carteles Taurinos. Mitos. Manolete

We sell posters with bullfighting and bullfighter drawings, perfect to decorate any party or event.