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"get lost" masters sun

Me when my best friend says, "You should come out this weekend and meet real people!" 9 Things you should never say to a K-drama fan. I love this gif so much!

My life.

My teacher today asked me who my favourite celebrity Wes (she was talking about American one's) and I blurted out "Boo Seungkwan" before thinking and then I hid under my hood for the rest of class. I've been exposed as a kpop per.

SO SO true

hahaha, the evolution of a Kdrama watcher. My sis who is not kdrama watcher when watches any kissing scene while im watching says "they dont even know how to kiss".

Just Take My Hand - Master Sun

Master's Sun- I loved this drama but it got a little slow towards the end. Fell in love with So Ji Sub though.