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Love, Joy and Colorfull
Daniela Alvarado
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Humans, the most powerful sorcerers in history. -- Writing prompt Pro says how u trapped us on earth, cast us out. Now its your turn for your society to suffer.

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I looked at him with curiosity as rage was present on his face "Why?" he growled out "why must you have a fun and wonderful life?" I looked at him with sympathy as I said "I'm trying to figure it out myself"

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make the story have eleven chapters (to include zero) and then put the numbers in reverse order. Then if you wanna be a real bitch leave chapter 1 with a cliffhanger and dont solve it until the last page of chapter zero

"You will never really die?" "I can't. Unfortunately. I'm cursed."  At least she thought she would never die....

infinitelives I'm thinking a Temporal looped character. They are locked in an infinite time loop, cursed to die, be born again in the past live then die again. Seeing the same world, same people, same experiences infinitely many times

Writing prompt: "You are with the ability to measure how "Dangerous" people are just by looking at them. A normal child would be a while a trained man with an assault rifle might be a Today you notice the unassuming new kid at school measures a