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#Pink #earrings  Flower earrings  Pink roses  Roses by #insoujewelry

Pink earrings - Flower earrings - Pink roses - Roses earrings - Dangle earrings - Handmade polymer earrings

Pink flower earrings These romantic earrings feature a bouquet of ombre light pink - white roses, buttercups and lilacs.


I got the circles today to make earrings for Bonnie and Lisa . Different flowers tho.

Colgante y pendientes con rosas de arcilla de polímero por polyflowers

Need to be a member to watch this. Pendant and earrings with roses from polymer clay by polyflowers on DeviantArt

7pc-Set-rosa-arcilla del polímero de DIY Flores para el anillo del pendiente pendiente

Make little flowers/triangles with clay and string onto a DIY wire ring!

Flower Bridal Charm Bracelet - Polymer Clay

Pink Bridal Charm Bracelet, Handmade Polymer Clay Flower Bracelet, Pink Flower Jewelry, Pink Garden Bracelet, Pink Wedding Jewelry