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I fuckin' love this album. Released in 2008. 1. Oats We Sow 0:00 2. August Moon 2:58 3. Doubtful 4:45 4. Grey Weather 7:10 5. Voice Like A Bell 9:29 6. Wild ...

Gregory and the Hawk - Moenie and Kitchi (Full Album) Weekend Playlist.

#227 Napping by Picolo-kun on DeviantArt

Sorry for the another Avatar doodle, I had to draw this one after so many requests to draw Sokka and Appa I wonder if I should draw an epic mode Sokka l.

#224 Avatar Book Two: Earth by Picolo-kun on DeviantArt

This isn't my art but it's by this guy on deviant art called 365 days of doodling the person does a lot of cool art so if you ever want to find any more art like this go there. Avatar the last airbender Toph