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Danna Cabrera

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Danna Cabrera
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Campout on the Football Field - 20 Best Senior Prank Ideas, http://hative.com/best-senior-prank-ideas/,

Senior prank idea- campout on the football field.it'd be fun to prank on the last day of school. (fun idea to do with my sister's graduating class) :p

Ummm... come again? Sorry, but we are in band. we aren't that perfect. We're extraordinary! So much that we are so good we don't know how to form straight lines in our sets

Band kids are like the only people at our school who can actually manage to pull something like this off and it still look this perfect. This is why I love band lol

Don't wreck the precious!!

Precious, character, Lord of the Rings Movie, looking in car auto truck side mirror or rear view mirror, One of the best pranks I think I have ever pulled at work!

Great senior prank

I thought that it was a reflecting merrior that shows half of the lockers and not tje others than people run into them or that there was suran rap that they would walk into<<BRO THATS THE BEST IDEA THO!