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a living room filled with furniture and a fire place
Modern Living Room Inspo
Searching for some #modernlivingroominspo? Kristina Dam Studio has everything you could ever dream of to create the perfect minimalist living room for your modern home. Shop the Kristina Dam Studio collection available now on danishdesignstore.com.
candles and rocks are arranged on a table with a cloth draped over it, along with an arrangement of greenery
Candle Holder Circle
Looking for a new way to incorporate your advent candles into your holiday home décor? The Candle Holder Circle from ferm LIVING allows you to display your Advent candles prominently while leaving space for you to decorate its base with seasonal ornaments or foliage to create a modern minimalist Advent decoration amongst the rest of your home’s holiday décor. Find more festive holiday décor from ferm LIVING on danishdesignstore.com today.
a table and chairs in a room with exposed beams on the ceiling, white walls and wood flooring
CH36 Chair
Designed in 1962 by Hans J. Wegner, the CH36 Chair from Carl Hansen & Son is crafted with great attention to each detail in a simple and functional design. Wegner’s design demonstrates the influence American Shaker furniture principles and craftsmanship had on his works, specifically in his chair designs. Order the iconic CH36 Chair from Carl Hansen & Son on danishdesignstore.com today.
an owl figurine sitting on top of a shelf next to a vase and bowl
Happy Halloween!
Happy Halloween from Danish Design Store! ‘Witching’ everyone a safe holiday.
a bed sitting next to a blue chair in a bedroom under a painting on the wall
Blown SW3 Pendant
The Blown SW3 Pendant is a mouth-blown glass pendant light that features a quilted pattern imprinted on its translucent surface. As a standalone piece, the pendant holds its own in any interior, but it can also be arranged in clusters giving it the appearance of a spectacular glass chandelier. Explore more versatile lighting options for any space from &Tradition on danishdesignstore.com today.
a living room with a chair, bookshelf and vases on the floor
Pacha Lounge Chair
Legendary French designer Pierre Paulin originally designed the Pacha Lounge Chair for Gubi in 1975 in harmony with the changing design style of its period. Looking as contemporary today as when it first was designed, Pacha is an honest, functional piece that brings life and character to any interior setting. Order the Pacha Lounge Chair now, or find more seating options from Gubi on danishdesignstore.com.
a wooden table and two chairs in a room with exposed wood beams on the ceiling
15% Off Carl Hansen & Son Dining
Creating furniture designs that are equally as comfortable as they are beautiful is no easy task, but somehow Carl Hansen & Søn has it down to a science. Committed to the highest quality craftsmanship and materials, including sustainably managed Danish hardwoods, Carl Hansen & Søn has proudly produced some of the most influential Danish designs of today. Explore the Carl Hansen & Søn collection on danishdesignstore.com and get 15% off on all dining today: https://bit.ly/3mTgwT0
a floor lamp sitting next to a window in a room
AJ Floor Lamp
The design of the AJ Floor Lamp from Louis Poulsen is the outcome of designer Arne Jacobsen’s artful conception intended for the Royal Hotel in Copenhagen. The fixture features a white interior that casts light downwards in a soft comfortable manner allowing it to easily adapt to any interior setting. Shop the Louis Poulsen collection on danishdesignstore.com and get 15% off right now: https://bit.ly/3BIxdGZ
a living room with two chairs and a painting on the wall
OW58 T-Chair
Every piece from Carl Hansen & Son is a reflection of the family owned-and-operated Danish design house’s commitment to using the highest quality craftsmanship and materials in everything that they produce. Explore stunning modern Danish designs like those pictured above from Carl Hansen & Son on danishdesignstore.com today: https://bit.ly/3iV95JG
a living room filled with lots of furniture and bookshelves next to a window
Brasilia Lounge Chair
Scandinavian mid-century design aesthetics and Brazilian modernism meet on the low-lying Brasilia Lounge Chair from Menu. Characterized by its stout and sturdy legs and exaggerated armrests, this luxurious armchair-lounge chair hybrid offers unparalleled sitting comfort to all who lounge within its embrace. Check out newly added products from Menu, like the Brasilia Lounge Chair, on danishdesignstore.com now: https://bit.ly/3olh7z0
a room with a dresser and mirror on the wall
Butler Series from FDB Mobler
Foersom & Hiort-Lorenzen has attempted to create a complete easy and functional expression with the Butler storage series. And even with what could be a heavy piece of furniture - the designers managed to maintain ease. A modern expression, with the colors black, white, gray or dust green refers to a classic functionalistic style. Brand: FDB Mobler Designer Foersom + Hiort-Lorenzen
a living room with concrete walls and furniture in the corner, including a large mirror
Framed Mirror for Muuto
"We wanted to create a mirror that was more than merely a reflective surface. Framed is a new perspective to the classic framed mirror; it is a decorative design piece that leads your thoughts to installation art. It adds not only the functionality of a mirror to your home, but with its depth, organic shape and tone-in-tone color, it is almost perceived as an art object on the wall." - Anderssen & Voll, Designer Brand: Muuto
a bed sitting in the middle of a bedroom
ferm LIVING Calm
Like its name suggests, the ferm LIVING Calm series of plush cushions adds a feeling of tranquility to a space thanks to its muted hues and soothing lines. Available in three sizes to ensure you can find the perfect proportion to suit your needs, each is versioned in three patterns: striped, regular check and oversized check. The understated design is made from tactile cotton-linen and detailed along two edges with fringed trim. Brand: ferm LIVING