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such a good drawing if you ever want to learn to draw mark crilley is amazing !

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Top DIY Nail Art Ideas and Products for 2018

tribal nails - 65 Colorful Tribal Nails Make You Look Unique !

Not a fan of the shaping but love the design

Floral and French tipped nail art design, this design combines light blue to periwinkle polish with black polish for the details and tips.


Patchwork and heart nail art design idea

Mandala nail art idea arte de uñas Colombia

Locate a top coat with the chunkiest parts of glitter it is possible to locate and paint it on the ends of your nails. Shellac nails are very simple to apply. For those who have not tried Shellac n…

Maravilloso Butterfly Nail Design

16 Breath-Taking Butterfly Nail Designs

16 Beautiful Breathtaking Butterfly Nail Designs - Page 16 of 16 - BeautyCross


All French and one designed nail (likely ring finger) with a chosen color and same on toes

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Nails spa Five  #AndryRegiino

Nails spa Five 💅👣 💋

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Here's a French like design with PINK Cute and Girly!

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