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El Lago de Tota, Boyacá, Colombia

The Lago de Tota is the biggest lake in Colombia. There are several small islands, a perfect setting for a canoe or kayak ride across the lake. Also, you can try more adventurous watersports like water ski or diving.

Colombia - Ráquira, Boyacá, the perfect place to bring your vehicle to explore a new city.

10 impresionantes fotografías de Colombia que te darán incontrolables ganas de viajar

Impressive photos of Colombia! On this photo you can see Ráquira, Boyacá, a place that takes you back in time. The perfect place to travel and to explore a new city.

Raudal del Jirijirimo - Amazonas Colombia

Raudal del Jirijirimo - Amazonas Colombia

Bellisima, Earth, Scenery, Travel

Bogotá, Colombia

What a Tourist Needs to Know About Visiting Bogota, Colombia

My hometown Bogotá. this is the Candelaria neighborhood in downtown, colonial architecture.beautiful and thank god preserved!

Sierra Nevada del Cocuy, Colombia

Mountains in Colombia. Read about the Colombian Andes and get information on other mountain ranges that can be found in this South American country.

Jirijirimo, Vaupés, Colombia

Guinia: A Trip Through The Land Of Magical Realism - Colombia

Ciudad Perdida Parque Nacional del Tayrona Magdalena, Colombia

The "Lost CIty" ruins in the National Park Tayrona. This ancient City is nowadays a favourite Destination for jungle hikes on the Caribbean coast.