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a person holding some kind of food in their hands on the floor next to a table
These Three Remain
These Three Remain: Create....Salt dough bricks. We will build the Alamo with these!! Use whole wheat flour and a little corn meal to give a "natural" brick look and texture.
the floor is made out of wood and has an intricate design on it, with a door in the center
Video 7 - Building the Alamo diorama for a school project
Video 8 - Near completion. Building The Alamo diorama out of foam for a school project. - YouTube
a model of a castle made out of lego blocks with figures on the front and side
Alamo project made out of sugar cubes
this is a drawing of a castle in the middle of a field with stars around it
Dinge en Goete (Things and Stuff)
The Alamo layout
an illustrated map shows the locations of several historic buildings
A New Look at the Alamo
Alamo Historical Map showing area around the Alamo in San Antonio Texas. Description from I searched for this on
an architectural drawing shows the different parts of a building, including two towers and three doors
The Alamo: The Building
The building we call the Alamo, was built as the chapel of the Mission San Antonio de Valero. Became known as the alamo when a company of cavalry was stained there for 10 years.
an old stone building lit up at night
Most Haunted Places In The World
The first time that ghosts appeared at this former Roman Catholic mission in San Antonio was 1836, shortly after the Battle of the Alamo. Later, when the mission was converted into a prison, inmates began complaining of unusual shadows and sounds, and terrified watchmen apparently refused to work the night shift.
a cake made to look like a castle
How to Build the 4th Grade Alamo Project - Daddy Got Custody
Caitlyn's 4th Grade Alamo Project
a painting of a building with a green lawn in the foreground and a black fence around it
Built The Alamo with my girls
a toy house made out of legos on a table
Walker's Alamo Project
Apparently the ALAMO project has been and is a BIG deal at South Bosque Elementary for the 4th graders every year. Walker could .n...
there is a fake house on the table with trees and pictures around it that say the alamo
I would use this strategy of modeling content in the classroom. If we were covering The Alamo, it would be a good idea to choose something that pertains to the topic at hand and make a visual model displaying that.
a cake that is shaped like a house on top of a marble counter with an entrance
3D Model of the Alamo - Bing images