Puntillismo mandalas

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a painting on a black background with blue and orange circles in the center, surrounded by small flowers
an abstract painting with blue, purple and orange circles on black canvases that are painted in acrylic paint
Vibrant color burst dot Mandala on stretched canvas 8 x 8 turquoise, purple, gold #mandala
a painting on display next to a small wooden stand with a bowl and plate in front of it
a colorful flower on a black plate next to a blue and red ball with the word jujitta's written below it
four square coasters with different colored dots on black glass, each decorated with white and blue circles
Snowflake Coasters Set of 4 Wooden Coasters 3.5x | Etsy
a hand holding a green and brown object in it's palm
four pictures of different shapes and colors on black paper with pink, blue, and purple dots in the center
15 Fantastic Ideas, Easy Rock Painting Ideas For Beginners - STRONGDAILY.NET
| Mandala Stone Rock Painting Ideas | Inspiration | Art Design #EasyRock #Mandala #Stone #MandalaStone #StoneRock #PaintRock #Rock #Ideas #DIY
four different pictures of blue and white beads on black paper with circles in the middle
Pasos para dibujar mandala con puntillismo
a painting with blue and gold dots on it's surface, in the shape of a snowflake
a black table with a purple and blue design on the top, and white dots in the middle