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DIY Indoor Greenhouse Cabinet

This post is about how to build an indoor greenhouse the easy way, I will be sharing all my tips and tricks and lessons learned

Mini Green House

Mini Green House: This is a mini green house used for starting seedlings and sprouting micro greens. We live in Zone 10 so we don't need a door. We do need protection from tropical storms, heavy rain and wind in the summer. This is about as solid as you could make i…

Cheapest. Greenhouse. Ever.

Ok, I’ve definitely saved a few bucks over the years by salvaging and re-purposing, but this time I think I reached a new record for the cheapest creation in my backyard. It’s my new …

DDM : la fibre écolo

Par Mitsouk☮ dans Accueil le 26 Avril 2013 à 21:22 Je suis tombée sur un site qui donne des conseils pour jardiner, tout en étant respectueux de notre environnement. Pour les semis en...

How To Grow Plants with LED Lights | African Violet Light Stand

You can grow plants with LED lights as a low-cost and safer alternative to fluorescent lighting that also yeilds healthier plants with more blooms.

Seed Starting: Easy Setups for Home Gardeners | MOTHER EARTH NEWS

Glean creative ideas for real-world seed-starting setups, from soil blockers to mini-greenhouses, so you can grow your own vegetable seedlings at home.

DIY Grow Light Stand For Indoor Seed Starting

This DIY grow light stand will serve you for many years! It's simple to set up and holds many seed trays. It will help you grow strong and healthy seedlings. It's the perfect indoor seed starting shelving unit.

A Bit Self-help Guide To A Lovely Garden - Simple Garden Ideas

Indoor gardening provides some advantages that you can’t receive from outside gardening. Nevertheless, simply as there are advantages, there are also disadvantages. This article will take a look at both. You will also discover locations to locate your indoor garden, what types of flowers and plants you can grow, in addition to some gardening pointers to assist your indoor garden thrive. Learn how to beautify your outdoor spaces with all the helpful horticulture tips in this article in order…

Seed Starting Made Simple | MOTHER EARTH NEWS

Follow these basics steps to prevent mistakes, such as damping off or using the wrong seed starting mix, and watch your seedlings and your savings grow.

DIY Small Greenhouse for vegetables and seed starting

Easy DIY Small Greenhouse: How to build an indoor greenhouse to start seeds, grow vegetables or grow tropical plants indoors.