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the letter f is made up of black letters on a white background, and it appears to be an unusual shape
Illustriouss: I will do 3 modern minimalist logo design for $15 on fiverr.com
I will do 3 modern minimalist logo designWelcome to my minimal logo design gig!Being the face of a brand, the logo design should be a prime need for any brand. I will make a unique logo for your business that will help you stand out from the competition. I've been working as an Expert Logo Designer & Branding Specialist and am trusted by over 13K+ various clients worldwide.I guarantee you will love your new logo, or I will make it right.Check out my gig portfolio and swipe to the right.
Submark logo design
Case Study - Capstone Pattern Co. — Function Creative Co. - Brand Strategy + Design Studio
the letters j and k are blue in color
CJK ligature
the columbus tower logo is shown in black and white
Discover Design Ideas & Graphic Design Inspiration | 99designs
the entrance to an old building that has been converted into a logo for est, 1876
Some doors that didn't make the cut on for a project completed a little while back.
the beauty salon logo is displayed on a table
Beauty Salon Logo
Beauty Salon Logo by IKarGraphics on @creativemarket
a frog with a crown on it's head and an arrow pointing to the ground
Frog logo
an orange background with a white bird flying in the sky and words above it that read micro, torrefaceur, geo
Le Coin d'Italie | Rebranding
an alligator's head is shown in this black and white illustration on a white background
C for Crocodile
C for Crocodile