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40+ Nail Designs and Ideas for Purple Acrylic Nails - Fashion Yard

Solid color nails can be said to be the most minimalist nail style. The use of darker shades of purple can make solid color nails more simple and atmospheric. The key is that in addition to creating the temperament of the goddess, solid color can set off the skin whiter and more translucent. Purple is originally a brighter color, so even if you choose dark purple, it does not affect the brightness and charming style. Even a simple solid color manicure can create a fairy feeling. As of…

Summer 2019 new nails, generous and charming

Spread the love Women are born to love beauty, which is undeniable. Summer is a good season to show charm. Do you want to change into a beautiful nail? Recommend 5 new summer nails for 2019. Come on. 1.Red sparkling pink nails Look at this new style nail in 2019, red nail mixed with golden sparkling powder, blingbling feeling is very high-grade, full of high-profile, and particularly pale, but also a more atmospheric one, at a glance, people are fascinated by the feeling, big red is very…

▷ 42 Mejores diseños de uñas en tendencia (2020) - Decoración 💅🏼

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45+ diseños románticos del arte del clavo del corazón » Largo Peinados

El corazón es un símbolo de afecto y amor romántico por su forma linda y agradable. A cada niña le encantan estos pequeños detalles, utilizándolos para atuendos, accesorios e incluso para sus uñas. El arte de uñas con corazones es una opción perfecta para el arte de uñas cuando quieres que tus uñas luzcan románticas […]


Neat hands and nails are important for a woman. And beautiful nail polish or artificial certainly contribute. If you decide to put false nails, two possibilities are available to you: nails gel or acrylic. We explain the difference between the two, not to mention… Continue Reading →

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