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an image of jesus walking with two children in the dark, and text that reads, but it was in the light as he is in the light, we have fellowship with one another
Walk in the light and you will have unity. #unity #fellowship #light
Check out all our new Art Prints. They’ll make great Christmas gifts #sale #ChristianArt #ArtPrints #watercolour
a stack of children's books sitting on top of a wooden table next to each other
Illustrated Bible cards by Living and Powerful. Give, Memorise, Meditate, Play
A stack on 45 illustrated Bible cards by Living and Powerful. Available in 5 themes to target different seasons of life. Makes a perfect gift to inspire friends, loved ones and yourself.
a drawing of a man riding on top of a boat in the ocean
God has the most exciting adventure for you. It may be terrifying at times, even downright unpleasant but at the end of it all you will say, ‘I wouldn’t have had it any other way’. This new art print is now available on our website. #adventure #watercolour #ChristianArt
an image of a group of people dancing on top of a hill with the words dieu la change en bien
All our art prints are now available in French #French #ChristianArt
#TheyAreOurBread #christianArt
ART PRINTS #Art #ChristianArt #Christmasgift
an image of jesus walking on the waves with words above it that read, i'm glad pictures of jesus walking on the waves