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Ahn Wieder

Ahn Wieder
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Great Works: Bird Garden, 1924 (27cm x 39 cm), Paul Klee - Great Works - Art - The Independent

Bird Garden - 1924 "In earlier times artists liked to show what was actually visible. nowadays, we are concerned with reality, rather than the merely visible.

Berlin cabaret poster, 1920s.

the-seed-of-europe: “ Berlin cabaret poster, “The idyllic gay portrait of dapper German officers in capes and peaked caps transfixed by demure Line-Boys (teenage male prostitutes that worked.

Illustrators In Support of Gay Rights in Russia - Anna Goodson Illustration Agency

An illustration by Terry Wong in support of gay rights in Russia. The illustration was one of a series released to promote solidarity ahead of the Sotchi Winter Olympics

Dou-lhe duas

The two different positions of the line-drawn figure overlaid on top of each other create a sense of movement. The differing colours of the figure in different positions means the viewer is able to distinguish each of the drawings apart.