Axolotl by on @DeviantArt

Axolotl by on @DeviantArt

A bunch of bugs by on @DeviantArt

This was inspired by chapter 74 of Tokyo Ghoul.

Ours is the fury by on @DeviantArt

It has house Baratheon's words just because it's a deer. Ours is the fury

She's almost like a doll! by on @DeviantArt

She's almost like a doll! by on @DeviantArt

Praise me by on @DeviantArt

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They're quite gentle, but people avoid them... by on @DeviantArt

Luna visiting her therstal friend and getting her new stockings all muddy and gross because Nargles stole her shoes again. They're quite gentle, but people avoid them.

Spring by on @DeviantArt

I cut the date for aestetical purposes, but this is from june This is very old and my anatomy skills were very awkward, so I just fixed it a bit w.

Chilling by on @DeviantArt

Chilling by on @DeviantArt

A new friend by on @DeviantArt

I'm bad at coloring dark scenes so i fixed this with dirty photoshop shenanigans until it looked ok, i guess. A new friend

For the Greater Good by on @DeviantArt

Dumbledore during crazy days with his dark wizard boyfriend. For the Greater Good

Monarch Project by on @DeviantArt

I made this for a fake psychological horror movie poster about the Monarch Project/MK-Ultra.

That's the price you paid (gif) by on @DeviantArt

That's the price you paid (gif)

More perspective practice by on @DeviantArt

More perspective practice

Deer skull by on @DeviantArt

I honestly don't know what is going on here.

A Witch's room by on @DeviantArt

I need to practice perspective A Witch's room