Nails by @Jenny's Nail Art

35 Unique Nail Designs

Nails by Nail Art Are your nails more styled than your outfit? Do you have more art on your fingertips than your walls? Is your stash of polish taking over every cupboard in your house? Sounds like you could have an Obsessive Fashion Disorder

Christmas Nail Art Design Ideas 2013-2014

31 Ideas For Your Christmas Manicure

Santa Claus is one of the main figures of Christmas. So, today I have several Cute Santa Claus Nail Designs, to inspire you for your holiday nail idea

beautiful nails

Prom nail designs are different. It will be good if you can find what concept for your prom. If it is only party prom, you can have removal nail designs.

Chalkboard Nails: Lady Rainicorn Adventure Time Nail Art

31DC2013 Day 09: Lady Rainicorn Rainbow Nails

Snowman nails

Christmas Nail Art Design Ideas I don't care for the snowman but I love the rest. Like the snowflakes, the snowman could do without.

24 Beautiful Nails with bows

24 Beautiful Nails with bows

Spacey Sugar Nails

The most beautiful and unique nail designs.The gallery of the most beautiful nails, design,art,just for you. We choose the most beautiful high-quality photos of art nail and desgin nail. Look and enjoy!


Sponged galaxy nails, inspired by an image of the Pleiades Star Cluster from the NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day.