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Fold a lovely cat out of paper, come on
7.5*7.5CM ordinary paper, be careful not to make the paper too thick. Paper size can be chosen at will
Técnica rápida para a certar no delineado
a close up of a red and white sticker on a piece of paper with words
p e e p
four phases of the earth as shown in an old book, with black and white illustrations
The Moon or Our Planet?
Primeiros registros de como imaginavam ser a terra
an image of a black and white cat with pink eyes
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an image of the face of a cat with pink eyes and black hair, on a white background
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a drawing of a human head with a skeleton in it's left side and the top part of its brain visible
It feels good to think about it
an old tv with a doll sitting on it's side and the words pretty n punk in front
the title for killing obesson is shown in red and black text on a black background
the words real eyes, real lies written in red and yellow ink on a black background
Real eyes, realize, real lies