Recetas para niños: brochetas de fruta para niños

6 recetas fáciles para niños: ¡brochetas

Strawberry Brownie Kabobs I Drizzle melting chocolate over a skewer of warm brownies, strawberries and marshmallows for a decadent Valentine's dessert.

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Bienvenido a mi fiesta

sweet-table-primers-comunion-boda-bautizo-fiesta Can just use the Tulip Tags as Candy/Pop corn Tags

How to make a paper plate basket bowl: nice option for Easter treats!

How-To: Paper Plate Basket

Turn a paper plate into a cupcake or muffin holder. I could use this idea to hold any little gift, not just food.

Parece apetitosos!!!!

It's Written on the Wall: Secrets for the Perfect Picnic-Yummy Food and Packaging Ideas

Your picnic just got a whole lot cuter with this DIY. 1. Sketch out your design on a piece of paper. 2. Cut your drop cloth to size if necessary. 3. Use a pencil to outline your design on the drop cloth. Paint over your design, then let dry. 4. Once dry, flip over your drop cloth and iron over the painted sections to seal the paint. 5. Hem picnic blanket with a sewing machine. That's it!

How to Make Picnic Blankets Out of Drop Cloths

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