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Ancient Celts ate and drank heartily during their traditional fire festival on the eve of May Day, which celebrated the return of the light half of the year. From the fulachta fiaolha (cooking pits of the Celtic tribes), this feast features organic flavors of the wild, with foods gathered from the seas, the forests, and the meadows.
Why is Aztec food very important in Mexico's culinary culture? Aztec food plays a vital role in Mexico's culinary heritage as it forms the very heart and
Ancient Egyptian Recipes

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Radiowerbung in Bayern und Umgebung

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Prime rib recipe

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The recipe you need to make! Vegan, low sugar and high protein!
Perfect and ready in less than 10 minutes, the perfect protein summer dessert you need to make ASAP.  This has 49 grams of protein!

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Spanakopita recipe

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Easy high protein and low sugar cheesecake. You only need some few ingredients, oven and blender! This dessert is also low calorie.
YOU NEED this protein cheesecake made with the magic of @ready_nutrition cinnamon sugar protein puffs, along with their chocolate protein powder for extra protein goodness!
Easy low calorie Neapolitan ice cream cake using Halo Top and a simple cereal crunch topping, simply irresistible!


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Mini Protein Christmas Cake Donuts. These are the perfect dessert for this Holiday season. These protein donuts will help me to maintain muscle mass this holiday. They are gluten free, sugar free, lactose free, spongy, airy, soft, and low-fat with all the Christmas flavors. Great for snacks, pre or post-workout, breakfast on the go, or dessert this Christmas. #christmascake #newyearevedinner #glutenfree #sugarfree #lactosefree #anabolic #lowfat #highprotein #proteinpowders #christmasrecipes ...
These covered healthy "oreos" are perfect to make as a treat! Using cookies and cream chocolate for the cover. Quick, easy and low sugar!
Low calorie and easy version of Little Debbies Christmas Trees. Made with sliced bread, vanilla pudding and low sugar white chocolate.

Christmas Treats

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This combination of flavors with @bluehousesalmon is just the recipe to try in honor of #AsianAmericanHeritage Month! #salmonrecipes #miso #tahini #seafood #healthydinner
Did you know that it’s Heart Month? And salmon is the perfect call to support your heart with their healthy fats and antioxidants. #seafood #salmonrecipes #peanutbuttersauce #healthydinnerrecipes


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Shredded Beef Recipe - Chinese Style

Apple Pies Filling

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Simple Mushroom Soup

Recipes - Skinnytaste

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The 1000 Calorie Diet And Menu For Weight Loss
These extra crispy Air Fryer Chicken Tenders are easy, healthy and delicious. The best! #Weightwatchers #chicken #chickenbreast #airfryerrecipes


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Light, crispy and delicious Buffalo Chicken Lettuce Tacos are made in 20 minutes or less. An easy, gluten-free, low carb, keto and paleo recipe. Enjoy the wraps as an appetizer or main dish. Mexican Recipes | Lettuce Tacos | Chicken Tacos | Spicy | Hot Sauce | Summer Recipe | Game Night | Date Night | Dinner | Low Carb | Ketogenic | Keto | Weight Loss | Buffalo Chicken | Paleo | Easy Dinner | Salad | Romain Lettuce | Lettuce Taco Shells | Lettuce Wraps |

buffalo chicken wraps

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These cookies are seriously TOP! Made with brown butter, three types of chocolate and cake mix. These are also gluten-free and low sugar!
Healthier, lower in sugar and delicious caramel macchiato blondies with ice cream and cookies. The ideal dessert for summer!
These strawberry cookies are, gluten-free and low in sugar… made using @artisanamarket almond butter and granola… Perfect Dunkable cookie! 👌🏼 #healthycookies #glutenfree

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This is a easy, good for you dinner or lunch option, quick to make and comforting. Mess free recipe too!
You must try this vegan option for dinner! Used organic tofu and overall this recipe is low-sugar and gluten-free too!

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Garlic and Olive Artisan Bread baked in a dutch oven, crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside. Serve this holiday season or gift! Bakery | Homemade | Oven Baked | Dutch Oven | How to Make Bread | Garlic Stuffed Olives | Christmas Bread | Holiday Bread | Holiday Party | Christmas Party | Charcuterie Board | Side Dish | Bob's Red Mill Artisan Flour
This Raspberry Moscow Mule offers a twist on the traditional Moscow Mule cocktail. Fresh raspberries, lime juice, ginger beer & vodka combine together in this delicious and refreshing icy cocktail that's perfect any time of the year.


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Very yummy


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Apple Pie Breakfast Cookies
Easy high protein and gluten free waffles, with a touch of almond butter and coconut butter as a topping, the perfect matcha and peach combo.
You have to try blending your overnight oats ASAP, seriously so creamy👌🏼 My version in lower in sugar and high in protein… Tastebud pleasure for sure! #overnightoatsrecipe

Breakfasts and Brunches

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STAY CLASSY MEATS - A Montana online farmer's meat market for home subscription - delivery to all 50 US States. Quality, nutritious meats w/ convenience.
Butter Tart Squares | Community Post: 21 Amazing Ways To Eat Shortbread Year-Round

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Perfect for a post-workout snack or a guilt-free dessert, these muffins are easy to make and incredibly satisfying.
Easy and healthy blueberry muffins, low calorie and low in sugar made with simple ingredients... and a boost of electrolytes.


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