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"Art room wall décor Size: The Stuff sign is 25\"w x 15\" high The Art Sign (depending on how far you space them apart) is approx. 46-48\" w x 16\" h."

Wall Decorations

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Sillas y Mesas

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윤스카페처럼 인테리어할 경우 예상 견적이 궁금하신 분은 상담을 신청해주세요


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Introducing our premium-quality Wooden Menu Board, crafted from high-grade plywood, offering a stylish and resilient solution for showcasing drink menus, cocktail offerings, and more. Secured by a plank, this menu board is designed for practicality, catering to the everyday needs of restaurants, cafes, bars, and beyond. A key advantage lies in its exceptional durability. The robust plywood construction ensures longevity, capable of enduring extensive usage without succumbing to wear and tear. Furthermore, the secure attachment of pages by the plank provides added reinforcement and stability, guaranteeing the reliability of your menu presentation. More Menu Boards: ✓ Free Logo Engraving ✓ For wholesale clients we provide a discount. F
The Arch Magnet Letter Board is a novel way to display your menu. With a modern and minimalist menu board design, this is the perfect addition to your restaurant, cafe or coffee shop. Plus, the magnetic letters make it easy to change up what’s on offer.


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Grazie Mille Plate – In The Roundhouse
Love how well our wave plates and placemats go together


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four wooden blocks with white dots on them sitting in front of some potted plants
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