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the cover of craft's in high demand magazine, featuring different types of soaps
Trending Crafts That Sell Well
Get ahead of the curve with 2024's hottest trends! Find out which handmade products customers are searching for this year!
there is a table with pictures and other items on it, along with jewelry hanging from the wall
10 Product Display Table Ideas That Win Craft Show Customers
10 product display table photos show you how to design an effective display for selling crafts at vendor markets.
some sweaters stacked on top of each other with the words, 2012 craft trends to sell
Crafts That Sell Well (in 2024)
Trending crafts that sell well in 2023. Create popular crafts to make and sell with these home, fashion, & lifestyle products in demand on Etsy & at art shows.
an open shop with clothes hanging on racks and the words, 8 pop up shop display ideas
8 Pop Up Shop Display Ideas to Design a Vendor Booth People Will Love
8 easy visual merchandising tricks you can use in your craft show booth to draw in customers and sell more handmade items.
the cover of how to sell christmas crafts in 2020, with presents and ornaments around it
Holiday Shopping Trends for 2022
How to sell Christmas crafts in 2022. 8 holiday shopping trends show you what customers want, so you can sell more crafts.
the cover of what's trending on etsy for christmas 2012 is shown
2022 Christmas Trends to Sell on Etsy
2022 Christmas trends report shows you the most popular crafts the make and sell for the 2022/23 holiday season.
a sign that says 8 craft show set up ideas
Craft Show Set Up Ideas - Easy 8 Step Guide to Create a Great Display
8 craft show set up ideas, and a simple plan to design your own portable display.
a display case filled with lots of pots and pans
Handmade pottery displayed in a craft show booth
9 craft show displays featuring well-placed portable lights
the words trending crafts to sell in 2020 are overlaid by images of plants and vases
Trending Crafts That Sell Well
15 trending crafts to sell in 2022 - Here's what's hot in handmade according to Etsy.
Trending Crafts That Sell Well
Crafts that sell well 2022. 15 of the hottest handmade trends you can use to sell more crafts this year.
the words trending etsy products christmas 2021 with presents wrapped in brown paper and green leaves
2021 Christmas Trends
Trending Etsy products for Christmas 2021. 6 craft trends show you which crafts will sell well this year.
two white vases sitting next to each other on a pink background with text overlay
Product Photography Backgrounds
Backgrounds for craft photography. Colorful and creative photography backdrop ideas for your product photos. #productphotography #craftprofessional
a camera with the words product photography equipment for beginners
Equipment Needed for Product Photography
9 essential pieces of product photography equipment beginners need to start taking great photos of items you sell online. Plus, some nice-to-have extras that can improve your photography game. #productphotography #craftprofessional