"La Candelaria" colonial district, Bogotá.

Bogotá, the capital of Colombia - where I was born in 1979

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Playa Del Carmen, Mexico by Natalie Felt Would be fun to do something like this in my yard with our favorite travel places or bucket list places.

El eje cafetero de Colombia

El eje cafetero de Colombia: pasión (e Instagram)

El eje cafetero de Colombia, UNESCO protected coffee plantations in Colombia

Bogota, Colombia - one of my favorite places ever!

BOGOTA ITINERARY Bogota is the capital city of Colombia . In Bogotá we find different tourist sites .

Arhuacos. Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, COLOMBIA

The Kogi or Kogui or Kaggabba , translated to "jaguar", in the Kogui language are a native American ethnic group that lives in the Sierra.

Sady Gonzalez | Recuerdos de la Realidad

Sady Gonzalez | Recuerdos de la Realidad