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Una idea genial para hacer más divertidos los desayunos de los más peques :)

Pancake Pops - bite-sized pancakes on a stick. Dip them in maple syrup and have a little breakfast party. Fun for a play group brunch. Pancakes are the worst. Pancakes on sticks are double bad.


Lee Samantha, Food Artist Ingredients Snowman - Bread bun, halved - Cream cheese - Blueberry - Chocolate chips - Strawberry - Veggie sticks (any kind) Reindeer - Bread - Peanut butter - Pretzels - Blueberry - Strawberry

Desayunos con amor.

Love Your Breakfast: Get comfortable with your pancake batter and shape it into a heart — either free form like Martha Stewart here, or using a cookie cutter as a mold. Source: Lisa Hubbard for Martha Stewart Living


my bfast almost exactly today: remove the bread and change up the fruit. I love sunny side up eggs on top of greens sauteed in bacon fat or ghee! (love a good dollop of salsa on top too)

Healthy & Nutritious Morning Snacks, Lunch and Afternoon Snacks are provided. I will provide Morning Snack at about a. and Lunch will be served around a. and Afternoon Snack will.

(via How to Throw a Wildly Hip Scandinavian Sandwich Party - Bon Appétit) Smorrebrod, Danish open-face sandwiches

Melon Ball Jelly Shot skewered with pineapple, cherry, honeydew rounds and a mint leaf