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two small plastic yellow birds sitting next to each other
a tiny figurine sitting on top of a black object in someone's hand
Happy Halloween cuties!!🎃💕 This little one is a throwback to last year 😁 I wish I had time to make some Halloween inspired turtles but oh well, there's always next year 😋💖 Be safe tonight and have fun!!!😘
a hand holding a tiny toy turtle with white icing on it's shell
WanderingWaldenLLC - Etsy
Cinnamon Bun Dessert Snake. Handmade, Polymer Clay Reptile Figurine, Crafted by The Clay Kiosk on Etsy.
two pairs of earrings sitting on top of a stone slab with wire wrapped around them
Unakite Copper Coiled Earrings
Handmade polymer clay hamburger
an intricately carved wooden box with the name toutaina balia on it
"Spread your wings, butterfly" (chip carving, pattern by Tatiana Baldina)
the instructions for crochet are shown in four different pictures, including a coffee cup and
Fáciles Posa Vasos
Free Crochet pattern
an image of different shapes and sizes of paper boxes with gold foil on the sides
Premium Vector | Box packaging die cut template design
Box packaging die cut template design Premium Vector