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a white table topped with a painting next to a window covered in gold leafy paper
Интерьерное панно. Декор для интерьера.
Интерьерное панно созданное декоративной штукаруткой с использованием природных материалов (мраморная крошка, песок, кораллы, слюда), золотая поталь. #интерьер#барельеф#декордлядома#интерьернаякартина#современноеискусство#творчество#декордлядома#штукатурка#поталь#interior#decor#contemporaryartist#basrelief#painting#д
a living room with a couch, coffee table and painting on the wall above it
Abstract Oil Painting Golden Wings Black Gold Palette Luxurious Mystery Decorative Art Thick Texture Knife Painted Canvas Horizontal Large
Welcome to my shop! About this painting: Golden Wings is an exuberant abstract oil painting that boasts a striking texture achieved through the knife-painting technique. The black and gold palette sets a profound and tactile visual impact, reminiscent of graceful, lively wings in motion. The artist utilizes a unique perspective and delicate oil techniques to breathe life into the whimsical wing imagery, making it ideal for adorning the walls of a living room or bedroom, adding a distinct artisti
a screen shot of an art piece on the wall in a room with other items